Cooling billing is a matter of trust
Billing of cooling cost is a demanding task that belongs in professional hands. ZENNER billing ensures fairness, motivates residents to conserve resources and thus contributes to climate protection.

1. In times of high service charges and energy prices, apartment owners and tenants pay close attention     to the so-called "second rent". They expect a fair and transparent cooling billing.

2. Landlords and property managers want to allocate the incurred cooling costs of their buildings      smoothly and with no disputes about the so-called second rent.

3. Ontime billing and collection must be error free with no hassle of delays.

4. Efficient credit control procedures and tools insure full transparency.


Count on ZENNER
ZENNER is your partner for complete billing solutions for both occupied or new buildings. With our operational do-how we provide end-to-end solutions for your utility billing requirements starting from the hardware supply and installation to system operation and conversion of recorded consumption values into cash.
Competence and experience
Across the world, ZENNER stands for innovation, quality and precision in measurement technology, developing, producing and marketing of innovative measuring equipment for global markets for over 100 years in over 90 countries worldwide. As a manufacturer of measuring technology, we offer you a wide range of modern measuring instruments and comprehensive technical know-how.
Service and transparency
Our customer care hotline 800-ZENNER is available for all billing and payment related queries and is glad to assist. The customer portal myzenner is accessible around the clock where the bills can be viewed and paid online.
Quality and reliability
When it comes to utility billing, we leave nothing to chance. All processes at ZENNER, from the production of the measuring device to the reading and billing services, are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and are checked regularly.
You have the choice
Regardless of the form of billing services, with or without cash collection, the original document will be archived and is made available in our dedicated portal myzenner. We offer various payment channels, such as bank transfer, cash or cheque deposit or hassle-free with credit or debit card online.


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